CONCEPT BEST & LIVE DVD 〜 Soul Flavour 〜


2010.12.06 渋谷O-WESTで行われたプレミアム・アコースティック・ライブ “Silent Night, Velvet Souls” から普段は見られないアコースティック・セットでのシルキーでグルーヴィーなライブを収録したDVDをカップリング!!

FLCT-0004 / B / ¥2,667+税

<DISC 1>(CD)

  1. ミライシルベ
  2. Movin' my soul (from Mini Album「departure」)
  3. Tonight's The Night (from 2nd Album「Music is the key」)
  4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (from 3rd Singlr「Brighter Days」)
  5. Last Piece (from Mini Album「rejoice」)
  6. Sugar (from 3rd Album「Hello, Young Souls!!」初回限定盤)
  7. Be There In The Morning (from 1st Single「Across The Sky」)
  8. Don't Need Your Love (from 1st Album「rapture」)
  9. Confront the world (from Re-issue Album「the early years」)
  10. Places In The Heart (from 2nd Album「Music is the key」)
  11. inspire of life (from Re-issue Album「the early years」)
  12. Saves The Day CUBISMO GRAFICO Remix (from Bonus CD or Village Vanguard)
  13. strain (from 5th Single「The World Is Yours」)

<DISK 2>(DVD) UNCHAIN Premium Acoustic Live "Silent Night, Velvet Souls" at Shibuya O-WEST

  1. departure (acoustic ver.)
  2. Fly In The Blue Moonlight (acoustic ver.)
  3. Precious (acoustic ver.)
  4. Tonight's The Night (acoustic ver.)
  5. Gravity (acoustic ver.)
  6. Good Morning (acoustic ver.)
  7. Scene With You (acoustic ver.)
  8. The World Is Yours (acoustic ver.)
  9. Saves The Day (acoustic ver.)
  10. Don't Know why (acoustic ver.)
  11. Don't Stop The Music (弾き語り ver.)